CAMTREE KIT-100 Fort Camera Cage with Camshade Matte Box and X5 Follow Focus (C-Kit-100)


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A full fledge filmmaking kit for shooters on the move who need reliability, functionality and above all performance to satisfy demanding creative needs. 




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A full fledge filmmaking kit for shooters on the move who need reliability, functionality and above all performance to satisfy demanding creative needs. 

Combined with the quality and precision, Our Kit-100 provides electrifying features at a revolutionary price. Ergonomically designed gear shields your camera and transforms it into a production ready tool. 

Endow your camera with elegant & secure platform to experience a whole new world of creativity! 

camera cages

->  Versatile, lightweight, affordable and best of all 
->  Can be used as handheld or on a tripod 
->  Quality crafted for durable long life service 
->  Extremely comfortable, fatigue fighting camera support kit
->  Infinite combination of mounting points
->  Best buy pro quality gear in budget
cam cage 
Revised on 18-Dec-2015


Our CAMTREE DSLR Kit-100 is a perfect match for today's wider range of cameras. Beyond the accessory capability for follow focus, matte box, this package includes a camera stability platform that is the envy of so many others because it works so well. Live events like weddings, pro sports, corporate communications and even ENG application demands top-notch and reliable quality equipment as there is no 'TAKE 2' opportunities. The term 'Good to Go' could have been written to best describe our DSLR Kit-100 for shooters on the move. 


->  Camtree fort camera cage with top handle 
->  Camshade Matte Box 
->  X5 follow focus 
->  FREE Mini Quick Release 
->  FREE Mic Suspension with flexible head 


->  Ideal for professional and amateurs
->  Strong and robust material 
->  Easy set up and easier to use
->  Sturdy and simple construction 
->  Easy quick-release mechanism
->  Suitable for all light camcorders and DSLRs 


->  CNC precision made aluminum construction
->  Threaded screw mounts of 1/4''-20 & 3/8'' -16
->  15mm dia rods 


Revised on 16-Dec-2015 

TThe Camtree Fort Camera cage perfectly surrounds camera, providing lot of mounting options. It comprises of a adjustable top handle, a camera plate for tripod mount capability and a quick release to easily switch the setups.

Camera Cage 

camera cage


OOur Camtree's X5 is a next generation follow focus incorporating superior design and new technologies that deliver an incredibly solid, accurate, highly repeatable follow focus

canon 5d cage 



MMasterfully engineered Camtree Camshade with its endless features and robust construction enables the user to get cinematic effects. 

cheap dslr cage 

matte box


->  Construction –aluminum 
->  Filter Holder – built in 4” x 4” with removable locking tray
->  Front diameter – 105mm
->  Front adjuster for your convenience
->  Rotate and lock side flags as per your requirement
->  Easily mounted on 15mm rails
->  Removable metal top and side flags
->  Included flags for extra flare reduction


Added on 26-Nov-2014 

Technically advanced quick release allows quick mounting and dismounting of any accessory onto your cage or shoulder rig, more easily than ever. 

camera filming equipment
Say No to screwing things on and off

camera filming equipment


Added on 04-Nov-2014 

Get the best possible performance and sound quality with PROAIM Microphone suspension / shock mount with camera shoe mounting. 

camera filming equipment 

camera filming equipment


Camtree kit-100 Fort camera cage comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles. 

cage kit 


camera cage dslr

camera cage dslr 

Give sample space to mount anything you can imagine

dslr rig cage
Sensationally designed with super advance features
EXCLUSIVE of camera, lcd, lcd arm, mic, evf, dolly , tripod and fluid head
Weight11.00 lbs

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